Types of Drill Bits for Rotary Drilling and Well Completion 

Manufacturers realize that different types of drill bits are needed for each rotary application, and a one-size-fits-all drill bit does not work.

Whether the job is well completion, re-entry, oil, gas, water, or mining, drill bit manufacturers have risen to the challenge to meet the needs of the drilling industry.

Dirt Digger PDC Bits by Atlas Copco

Dirt Digger PDC Bit
Dirt Digger PDC Bit

The Dirt Digger is a 3, 5 or 6 blade steel body PDC made from 4140 heat treated steel and is designed to drill up to depths of 3,000-4,000 feet in homogeneous and consolidated formations.

Although the Dirt Digger can sometimes be repaired, its low cost makes it feasible to replace with a new bit.

Available sizes

*3 7/8" to 5 7/8" in a 3 blade design with 3 ports 

*5 7/8" to 14 3/4" in a 5 blade design with 5 ports

*3" to 5 5/8" in a 6 blade design with 3 ports

*Standard API pins

*1/2" cutters

The Dirt Digger PDC is a cost effective types of drill bits for mining, fiber optic, cathodic protection, geothermal, water well and shallow oil and gas drilling projects. 

Dirt Digger PDC Drill Bits

The tapered, parabolic design ensures the highest ROP when drilling homogeneous and consolidated formations. 

3D designed one-piece 4140 alloy steel body is CNC machined to exact design specifications for maximum blade and body strength.

Optimized cutter distribution profile for blade count, cutter quantity, drilling conditions and bit stability. 

Force-Balanced PDC cutter locations minimize bit whirl and drill a precise round hole.

Premium grade cutters.

Asymmetrical blade layout reduces drilling harmonics.

Rerun and Rebuilt Matrix Body PDC Bits

Matrix Body PDC Drill Bit

Purchasing a new PDC Bit is not always feasible.  That's why we stock a limited quantity of rebuilt matrix body PDC bits available from major manufacturers. Inventory and sizes vary, so please give us a call.

Need your PDC repaired? We can help with that, too. On-site repair facility uses new, quality cutters. We offer experienced, reliable PDC repair.


Tricone Button Bit

Our inventory of button and tooth bits includes new and rerun bits in all sizes. We have on hand new Lilan bits, mostly in 7 7/8".

If we don't have it, we can get it!

Drag Bits

Drag Bit

Tough, durable, one-piece construction drag bits for oilfield use from the industry leader - Kay Rock Bit. Available in step and chevron style.

Well Workover and Completion Bits

Atlas Copco Tooth Bit

Atlas Copco and Focus RocBit offer many types of drill bits in tooth and button bits, center circulation and jet body in sizes 2 7/8" to 6 3/4".

Available in:

Open bearing tooth - IADC 231 and 321,
Open bearing button - IADC 522
Sealed roller bearing tooth - IADC 214 and 314 
Sealed journal bearing - IADC 217 and 317.

High quality, cost effective solutions for your well workover and completion needs.

Mill Bits for Cement and Composite Plugs

The Hurricane, Bear Claw, Chomp, and Aardvark are types of drill bits used for milling out cement, metal, composite and high pressure plugs.

Hurricane Mill Bits are recommended for milling cement and composite plugs.

Available in 1 3/4" to 6 7/8"

Hurricane Well Completion Milling Bit

Hurricane Workover Mill

Chomp Well Completion Milling Bit

Chomp Mills are ideal in applications that involve milling of cast iron and other metal or combination of cement and cast iron.

Available in 1 3/4" to 8 7/8"

Chomp Workover Mill

Bear Claw Mills are ideal for drilling cement. Not recommended for drilling metal.

Available in 1 3/4" to 8 7/8"

Bear Claw Well Completion Milling Bit

Bear Claw Workover Mill

Aardvark Well Completion Milling Bit

Aardvark full body tapered mill is recommended for milling high pressure composite plugs. Can also be used for cement and cast iron milling.

Available in 2" to 6 7/8"

Aardvark Full Body Tapered Mill

Aardvark Well Completion Milling Bit

PDC Well Completion Milling Bit

PDC mills are suitable for milling extremely hard and abrasive materials. Uses range from hard cement, sand and barium scale. Not to be used when any metal will be encountered.

Circulation ports available from 5/16" for down hole motors to 1 1/4" for reverse circulation.

Available in 1 3/4" to 8 3/4" in 1/8" increments.

PDC Mills

All workover and completion mill bits are available with the following pin connections:


1-1/4 MTDSI

1-1/2 MTDSI



2-3/8 API REG

2-7/8 API REG

3-1/2 API REG

4-1/2 API REG

2-3/8 PAC

All bodies are made of 4140 Heat Treated Steel.

Circulation ports can be modified for reverse circulation or down hole applications.

Available in a variety of sizes and styles to meet every workover and completion need. 

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PDC Cutters:  Because of PDC cutters, PDC bits drill sixty-five percent of total footage.  Their shearing action is more efficient than the crushing action of tricones.

PDC Drill Bits:  Available in either matrix or steel bodies, PDC drill bits  offer higher rate of penetration than tricones in many different formations.

Tricones:  With the exception of cutting structure, tricone bits are designed in the same manner regardless of manufacturer. 

Well Completion Bits:  Well completion drill bits from Atlas Copco in both tooth and button bits.  Bear Claw, Hurricane, Aardvark, and PDC diamond mill bits from KC Bit & Supply.

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